This is a summary of the material collected on Kariyarra

The references used up to 27-1-06 for this database can be found in the file 'Kariyarra Shoebox refs.doc'.

Example sentences have their source listed after the English translation.

There are a lot of variations in the spelling of words. I have simply listed the
variations as variants and given examples of the sentences from where the
variations come. Whether these are typographical errors or true variants in the
language needs to be sorted out. For example the lexeme 'pangka~' with its very
questionable morpheme breakdowns in the examples. lx pangka pangkar lc
pangka~ ps v sn 1 de to bring re bring, to xv Ngayi nyingku murlayi
pangka-na. xe I brought you some meat. sn 2 ge to take de to take re take, to
xv Ngani warninguru nyinta? Munu pangkar-kajinguru. xe Why didn't you take
that? You should have taken that. xv Purlpitha nyinta kurtalyi ngunarraku
pangka-rma. xe If you want, you can take that. The standout variant is the
spelling of the name for Port Hedland 'Marapikurrinya' and 'Marapikurinya' in the
grammar and place name wordlist respectively.

Each variant has its own entry and immediately subsequent vr 'variant comment'
form where the source of the variant and any notes regarding its staus as verified
are recorded. Variants which do not have any 'needs checking' comment are to be
taken as verified. 'Variants' sourced from written records which have been rejected
by speakers are listed in an nt field.

The spelling inconsistencies even occur within the grammar itself eg the habitual is
spelt '-karra' in the verbal suffixes table, and '-kurra' in the following explanations.
The data in the wordlists and grammar of 2001 will have to be compared with the
original sources for these publications.

There are a number of free translations in the sketch grammar of 2001 that do not
seem to accurately reflect all of the material in the interlinearisation. For example
below, the idea of the interjection 'hey' is completely ignored in the free translation.

wayipa ngayi ngawarraninapa wayipa ngayi ngawarrani-na-pa hey
1-SG-NOM forget-PST-TOPIC I've forgotten.

There are a number of grammatical inconsistencies between the grammar and the
wordlist from 2001. For example: From the word list we get the lexical item

Kariyarra Toolbox References 

Number codes From file '000_kari_toolbox-source-documents_notes_2017-10-12_ph Code Source/Identity

1 Kariyarra combined wordlist.xls



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5 English-Kariyarra word find

6 Kariyarra.doc

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12 Misc data not for grammar.doc

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24 Hymns in Kariyarra (In Kariyarra Texts, Oct 2001)

25 Raylene Gordon answers to questions from vw.

26 Kariyarra Picture Book – 1999

27 Kariyarra Learner’s Guide (file 01-06-034)

28 Aboriginal Place Names Survey 01-06-036

29 From Brian Geytenbeek 1. May 2006

30 Diana Robinson’s Kariyarra Data

31 Kariyarra Grammar database.xls

32 Diana Robinson’s Shoebox Database for Kariyarra

33 Kariyarra Verb Export 12_dec_05

34 kariyarra Sentences (file 01-06-031 – this is more extensive than kariyarra

35 kariyarra sentences.doc

36 project Kariyarra songs (1-06-29)

37 RG notes on 15, 17, 19

38 Kariyarra Plants Info

39 Yellow booklet from file 01-06-33

40 File 01-06-030

41 Story by Elliott Lockyer

42 Kariyarra Topical Dictionary

43 File 1-06-39

44 AIATSIS word list 1-06-40

45 Places list (file 43)

46 amendments to dictionary

47 corrections by RG (file 48)

48 file 1-06-018

49 botany file

50 kari_2017-02-17_verbs-and-suffixes_rb_ew_la_ph_orig

51 kari_database-questions-for-raylene_2017-09-11_rb_ph

52 kari_database-questions-for-raylene_2017-09-25_rb_ph.docx

Kariyarra Toolbox References Letter codes. From file '000_kari_toolbox-source-documents_notes_2017-10-12_ph

Code Source/Identity Comment

RG Raylene Gordon (also data collected from Raylene Gordon, May/June 2001)

EW Elsie Williams

DR Diana Robinson (also Kariyarra Dictionary, Diana Robinson, 1989) The
dictionary appears to be based on R&B and B with some modifications.

DB Doreen Bully(-Jenkins)

GP Gordon Pondroy

IR Irene Roberts (also Kariyarra Wordlist 14/2/00)

A Comparison of Kariyarra words with list collected by von Brandenstein

B, B1, B2 Kariyarra Wordlist Kariyarra Research Project

D List of verbs and placenames Author unknown, found in folder

E Kariyarra Wordlist,Manny Lockyer (19/12/88)

F Kariyarra Wordlist Draft (1998)

G Kariyarra Sentences From file 436.2 Kariyarra Wordlist Draft

H Kariyarra sentences from Manny Lockyer‚ tape April 1990 (K01)

I Aboriginal Placenames Survey Aboriginal placenames on the Tambourah
1:100,000 map. Consultant: Manny Lockyer, interviewed by Kevin Clifton & Ian
Elliot, 10-12, 15/9/92. File no. 436.7

J Placenames (author unknown. File no. 436.7)

K Kariyarra sentences Data provided by Len Chubby, Arthur Whalebone &
Kathy Lockyer & recorded by Bernadette Lockyer, Keith Lockyer, Sam Clifton &
Nick Thieberger. File no. 436.11

L Story & sentences by Manny Lockyer (February 1997)

BW Interview with Bridget Warrie, 8/6/01 (conducted by Vicki Webb)

FM Photocopied notes on Kariyarra (F. McCarthy) File no. 436.11

ML Aboriginal Languages of the Pilbara: Kariyarra (Manny Lockyer/WMPALC,

N&G Norton Williams and Gordon Pondroy Data collected by VW on field trip

NT Notes on grammar and translation of text. Author unknown, found in folder. pb
Kariyarra Picture Book, I, 2, 3

R&B Kariyarra Research Wordlist elicited from informal discussion with Nancy
Roberts and Doreen Bully 19/6/97

R&N Data collected by Raylene Gordon working with Norton Williams.

RP Data checked by Raylene Gordon and Patricia Stevens, 20/6/01.

S&T Aboriginal Languages of the Pilbara Region: Kariyarra (Sharp &
Thieberger/WMPALC, 1990)

VB A Pilbara Aboriginal Vocabulary (von Brandenstein, 1979)

VB2 Kariyarra Words from von Brandenstein Taruru (20/12/97)

RGSD Raylene Gordon Simple Dictionary

WMWL Wangka Maya Word List Compiled by Vicki Webb from Kariyarra
combined wordlist.xls

WMSG Wangka Maya Sketch Grammar Compiled by Vicki Webb from Kariyarra
Pronoun database.xls and Kariyarra Grammar database.xls

SC Sarah Cutfield

VW Vicki Webb

AB Albert Burgman