This present database is compiled from several Kariyarra Wordlists. The data was
entered by Albert Burgman in 2005 and Sarah Cutfield in 2005-6.

Cassandra Pace [CJP] continued work on the database in June-July 2008.

Jessica Denniss [JD] started working on the database in Sept 2008. She became
Jessica Mathie [JM] in November 2011.

Amanda Hamilton [AH] began minor work on this database in May 2012.

David Osgarby [DO], a student visiting Wangka Maya for a few weeks of work experience in November 2012, made a very small number of changes.

Peter Hill [PH] started working on the database in June 2014.

Albert Burgman [AB] started working again on this database in September 2019.

Kariyarra data was provided by Doreen Bully, Alice Captain, Len Chubby,
Margie Dean, Raylene Gordon, Kathy Lockyer, Nyaparu Lockyer, Gordon
Pondroy, Bridget Warrie, Irene Roberts, Nancy Roberts, Diana Robinson,
Arthur Whalebone, Elsie Williams and Norton Williams. Data was compiled by
Sam Clifton, Sandra Clifton, Raylene Gordon, Bernadette Lockyer, Keith
Lockyer, Janet Sharp, Nicholas Thieberger, Carl G. von Brandenstein, Diana
Robinson, and Vicki Webb, who also put together the grammar with help from
Raylene Gordon.

The Kariyarra Wordlist and Sketch Grammar were funded by the Endangered
Languages Project, ATSIC, and produced by Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal
Language Centre, South Hedland, WA.

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